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The AHI Developer Documents outline the technical specifics and integration code of the AHI offerings. This section of the AHI document is geared towards software developers rather than designers or marketers of a company.

AHI Cloud

AHI Cloud provides mechanisms to support AHI technologies, including such features as:

  • Remote files hosting to offload some of the SDK content to help reduce the SDK install size.
  • User authorization (authZ), not to be confused with user authentication, which helps control rate limits.
  • Billing service for the SDK to submit billing events to for AHI to track and create invoices.
  • "Scan Control" user scan credit solution, where user must first be in credit to do a scan (if enabled).

MultiScan SDK

AHI MultiScan SDK is designed to help simplify the integration work for potentially many different scan technologies into an App project. MultiScan SDK accomplishes this by abstracting the specific scanner details to all be within a single abstraction layer / interface, which can be summarized as:

  • setup() Initialization aspects of the AHI solution.
  • userAuthorization() Provide user access to AHI services (not to be confused with user authentication).
  • initiateScan() Initiate the scan process.

MultiScan SDK is the umbrella project to which an App integrates the AHI scan technologies, such as:


Scan technology where a front and side capture of a user's body is used to determine body circumference and body composition measurements.


Scan technology where a recording of a user's face is used to determine vital signs, cardiovascular health indicators, and health risks.

Quality Assurance

Quality of the products AHI provide is of utmost importance. AHI continue to strive to make sure the products released meet our high threshold of reliability, performance, and resilience. Likewise, AHI look to help verify that scan technology is being used properly and to the greatest benefit for the client integration.