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Custom Styling

Anura's WMS doesn't allow dynamic setting of the styling. However, it is possible to configure custom styling by pre-registering a CSS override. Due to the complication of this, a specific flow and order of operations need to be followed, as listed at the bottom of this document.


CSS Styling Reference

Information on CSS parameters of the WMS can be found at:

Git Repo and CMS

To update the CSS and push to CloudFront CMS. Follow the readme guide on the cloud repo here:

You should be able to determine the URL to the CSS following the Terraform Cloud apply.

Update to Nuralogix

Nuralogix have a support service that should be used to communicate new CSS links (updates to existing links should be automatic). Nuralogix will then supply a Config ID to AHI to apply to the "Link In" URL generation to the WMS FaceScan.



flowchart TD
    Client-->|New CSS|AHI
    AHI-->|Store in git|GitHub
    GitHub-->|Deploy to S3 using Terraform|CloudFront
    CloudFront-->|Get URL|Nuralogix
    Nuralogix-->|Update config|ConfigID
    ConfigID-->|Update DB|VendorDB[(VendorDB)]
    VendorDB-->|Refresh AHI config|2-AHI
    2-AHI-->|Test and inform client|2-Client

As a Sequence

    actor Client
    actor AHI
    actor Nuralogix
    Client->>AHI: Provide CSS
    AHI-->>GitHub: Store/Update in Repo
    AHI->>CMS: Store/Update in S3/CMS
    CMS-->>AHI: Get URL
    AHI->>Nuralogix: Give CSS URL
    Nuralogix->>AHI: New ConfigID
    AHI->>VendorDB: Store new ConfigID for client record