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Minimum System Requirements

The following lists devices and minimum system requirements to run the AHI MultiScan SDK.



The minimum supported iOS version for AHI MultiScan SDK is iOS 13.4. This is required to support advanced CoreML features and includes various security enhancements.


Any iPhone or iPod device that currently supports iOS 13.4, with minimum being the iPhone 6S (A9 SoC or newer).



Android devices come in a variety of configurations. From different screen sizes, software, to underlying hardware. The minimum requirements to run the AHI MultiScan SDK on a device are:

Most devices running Android 8.0 will be arm64-v8a and OpenGL 3.2 compatible.


Unlike iOS, the supported devices list is not an exhaustive list, as it is not economical for AHI to verify operation on all android devices that meet the minimum system requirements (potentially hundreds of devices). Instead, the following list of android devices are what AHI quality assurance have tested and verified MultiScan SDK operates on, which has been selected based on market share:

This is not to say AHI is limited to just those devices, but rather that these are the devices AHI have confirmed to run on from quality assurance testing.