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Localization: iOS


Similar to styling, the string/text localization will attempt to select the string value by searching from top-most to bottom in the strings file hierarchy, where ordering is:

MyFiziqSDKCommon: Localizable.strings

//  MyFiziqSDKCommon

"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_OK"                         = "OK";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_POUNDS"                     = "lbs";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_STONE_POUNDS"               = "lb";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_STONE"                      = "st";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_KILOS"                      = "kg";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_PERCENT"                    = "%";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_FEET_MARK"                  = "'";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_INCH_MARK"                  = "\"";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_CM"                         = "cm";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_PICKERVIEW_UNIT_KG"         = "kilogram";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_TBF"                        = "TBF";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_WEIGHT"                     = "Weight";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_HEIGHT"                     = "Height";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_LOADING_CELL_TITLE"         = "Calculating measurements";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ATTR_chest"                 = "Chest";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ATTR_waist"                 = "Waist";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ATTR_hip"                   = "Hips";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ATTR_thigh"                 = "Thighs";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ATTR_weight"                = "Weight";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ATTR_height"                = "Height";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ATTR_TBF"                   = "TBF";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_CATEGORY_OBESE"             = "Very High";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ETHNICITY_ONE"              = "USA/European/Middle Eastern/African";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ETHNICITY_TWO"              = "South Asian/Chinese/Japanese";
"MFZ_COMMON_SDK_ETHNICITY_THREE"            = "South American/Central American";

MyFiziqSDKCoreLite: Localizable.strings

//  MyFiziqSDKCoreLite

//Generic Strings
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_OK_UPPER"                                   = "OK";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CANCEL"                                 = "Cancel";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_EXIT"                                   = "Exit";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_CONTACT_SUPPORT"                            = "Contact Support";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CONTINUE"                               = "Continue";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_PAUSED"                                 = "Paused";

"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_ERROR"                                  = "Error";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_DATAMODE_ERROR"                         = "Data Collection Argument Error";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_DATAMODE_ARG_WRONG_TYPE"                = "Argument wrong type";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_DATAMODE_ARG_OUT_OF_BOUNDS"             = "Argument out of bounds";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_RETRY"                                      = "Retry";

// Error messages
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_FAILED"                           = "Setup failed";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_DUPLICATED"                       = "Setup already called";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_BADKEY"                           = "Setup key invalid format";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_DUP_REA"                          = "Setup has already been completed successfully or is still in the process of initialization";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_DUP_SOL"                          = "Call setup once or check that the status property value is 'kMFZSdkStatusNotReady'";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SDK_DEPRECATED"                         = "MyFiziqSDK client version deprecated and is no longer supported";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SDK_UPDATE"                             = "Update to the latest MyFiziqSDK version";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_R_BUNDLE_MISSING"                       = "Resource bundle not found, integrity of SDK compromised";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_UNSUPPORT_OPTION"                       = "Option not yet supported";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CONTACT_DEV"                            = "Contact developer support";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_REFER_SUPPORT"                          = "Refer to MyFiziq developer support";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CONNECTION"                             = "Network connection failed";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SERVER_ERR"                             = "Server Error";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_NET_CHECK"                              = "Check if Internet is connected";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USER_LOGIN"                             = "User login failed";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CONDOWN_OK"                             = "Unable to connect to MyFiziq service, but status reporting OK";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CONOFFLINE"                             = "MyFiziq service is temporarily offline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CONF_MISSING"                           = "Configuration parameter missing";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_LOGINS_MISSING"                         = "Authentication responder parameter missing";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_INVALID_PARAMETERS"               = "Invalid configuration parameters";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_TOKEN_MISSING"                    = "Token parameter missing";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_KEY_SECRET_ENV_MISSING"           = "Setup, secret, environment parameter missing";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_TOKEN_VALIDATION"                 = "Could not validate setup token";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CONDOWN_BAD"                            = "MyFiziq service is in hiatus";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_ACC_OFFLINE"                            = "Account is offline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_ACC_SUPPORT"                            = "Account might be disabled, contact support for more information";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_ACC_WARN"                               = "Service is temporarily unavailable";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_MISSING_PARAM"                          = "Missing 'key' from configuration parameter and/or app 'secret' key";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CON_UNEXPECTED"                         = "MyFiziq status server reported unexpected result";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_NO_USER_AUTH"                           = "No user logged in";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_LOGIN_USER"                             = "Log in a user before calling user methods";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SETUP_NOKEY"                            = "Secret and/or account key missing";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_STH_WRONG"                              = "It seems something went wrong.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_NO_CON"                                 = "No Connection";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_PLE_CON_TRY"                            = "Please connect to the internet and try again.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_AVA_UPLOAD_FAI"                         = "Something went wrong with the upload. Please try again.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_ERROR_SUBMIT"                           = "Error Processing";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SUBMIT_FAI"                             = "A network error has prevented\nthe request being sent.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SUBMIT_FAI_RETRY"                       = "The service is experiencing high demand.\nPlease tap retry or try again shortly.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_REF_TO_ETA"                             = "Refer to 'reason' field as to when service is expected to be back online";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_NET_NO_RESPONSE"                        = "Unexpected response";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_IMG_PROC_TIMEOUT"                       = "Image Processing Timeout";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_RETRY_COUNT_REACHED"                    = "Submission Failed: Retry count reached.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_RETRY_NOTIFICATION_MESSAGE_1"           = "Submission Failed. Retrying Submission. Attempt";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_ATTEMPT_RETRY_NOTIFICATION_MESSAGE_1"   = "Submission Failed. Retrying Submission in";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_REQUEST_INVALID"                        = "Request invalid";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_REQUEST_INVALID_DESC"                   = "Request contains invalid height, weight, or no captures";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INVALID_MISC_DATA"                      = "Misc data invalid";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INVALID_MISC_DATA_DESC"                 = "Misc data passed could not be serialized using NSJSONSerializer";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_RESULTS_SYNC"                           = "Results sync failure.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_RESULTS_LIST"                           = "Failed to list results on server.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_RESULTS_ID"                             = "Failed to determine user id.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_RESULTS_SUB"                            = "Failed to determine user sub.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_RESULTS_ACCESS"                         = "User access denied.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_RESULTS_CACHE"                          = "Failed to access local cache.";

// User contour errors
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_FAI_MSG"                            = "Failed to generate silhouette image.\nPlease verify your input and try again.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_FAI_FNT_UNK"                        = "Failed to generate front silhouette image. Unknown error occurred.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_FAI_SID"                            = "Failed to generate side silhouette image.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_FAI_SID_UNK"                        = "Failed to generate side silhouette image. Unknown error occurred.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_FAI_SIMG_FMT"                       = "Error: silhouette image not in correct format.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_FAI_PT_NF"                          = "Error: silhouette points not found";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_FAI_IMG_FMT"                        = "Error: image not in correct format.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_FAI_GEN_MSK"                        = "Failed to generate masked image.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_FAI_UNK"                            = "Error: unknown.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_ERR_ID"                             = "Error id:";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_ERR"                                = "User outline error";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_ERR_CREATE"                         = "Failed to create the user outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CTR_ERR_CREATE_C"                       = "Check user measurements are valid or refer to dev support";

// Image inspection error titles
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_FRONT_CAPTURE_CORRUPT"                  = "One or more of the images were corrupted during the inspection process, please try again.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_WARN_INS_BG"                                = "Your background appears to be similar to your skin tone.\nPlease confirm you have a suitable contrasting background.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_WARN_INS_DP_CLOSE"                          = "Please confirm you are within the silhouette. You may be too close";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_WARN_INS_DP_FAR"                            = "Please confirm you are within the silhouette. You may be too far";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_MUL_FA_TIT"                         = "Detected\nMultiple Faces";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_FA"                         = "Cannot Detect\nYour Face in Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_UB"                         = "Cannot Detect\nUpper Body";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LB"                         = "Cannot Detect\nLower Body";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_UB_LB"                      = "Cannot Detect\nBody.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LA"                         = "Left Arm\nnot in Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_RA"                         = "Right Arm\nnot in Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LL"                         = "Cannot Detect\nLeft Leg in Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_RL"                         = "Cannot Detect\nRight Leg in Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LA_RA"                      = "Both Arms\nnot in Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LA_LL"                      = "Cannot Detect\nLeft Arm, Left Leg\nin Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LA_RL"                      = "Cannot Detect\nLeft Arm, Right Leg\nin Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_RA_LL"                      = "Cannot Detect\nRight Arm, Left Leg\nin Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_RA_RL"                      = "Cannot Detect\nRight Arm, Right Leg\nin Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LL_RL"                      = "Cannot Detect\nLegs in Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LA_RA_LL"                   = "Cannot Detect\nBoth Arms, Left Leg\nin Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LA_RA_RL"                   = "Cannot Detect\nBoth Arms, Right Leg\nin Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LA_LL_RL"                   = "Cannot Detect\nBoth Legs, Left Arm\nin Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_RA_LL_RL"                   = "Cannot Detect\nBoth Legs, Right Arm\nin Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_LA_RA_LL_RL"                = "Cannot Detect\nBoth Arms & Legs\nin Outline";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_FUL_TIT_FP"                         = "Phone Height\nis incorrect";

// Image inspection error suggestions
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_MES_SUG_MUL_FA"                     = "Only one person allowed\nin the photo.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_MES_SUG_FA"                         = "Ensure correct pose,\nclean background, and neutral lighting";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_MES_SUG_UB"                         = "Make sure your arms\nare in the outline.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_MES_SUG_LB"                         = "Make sure skin on lower body is visible (no long pants, shoes).";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_MES_SUG_UB_LB"                      = "Are you even in the outline?";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_MES_SUG_GENERAL"                    = "Ensure correct pose,\nclean background, and neutral lighting.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_INS_MES_SUG_FP"                         = "This will cause you to have\ndifficulty positioning yourself\ninside the outline.\n\nTry adjusting the phone height\nso the front camera is\npointing at the center of your body.";

// User info errors
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_TOO_LOW_TIT"                        = "Too low";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_TOO_HIGH_TIT"                       = "Too high";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_WEI_MET_LOW"                        = "Please enter a weight greater than 16 Kg";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_WEI_MET_HIGH"                       = "Please enter a weight less than 300 Kg";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_WEI_IMP_LOW"                        = "Please enter a weight greater than 35 lbs";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_WEI_IMP_HIGH"                       = "Please enter a weight less than 662 lbs";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_HEI_MET_LOW"                        = "Please enter a height greater than 50 cm";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_HEI_MET_HIGH"                       = "Please enter a height less than 255 cm";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_HEI_IMP_LOW"                        = "Please enter a height greater than 1’8” ft";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_HEI_IMP_HIGH"                       = "Please enter a height less than than 8’4” ft";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_INV_GEN"                            = "Please select the gender";

// Measurement errors
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_AV_NO_MESH"                             = "No mesh";

// User errors
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USERFLOW"                               = "User flow error";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USERLOGGEDIN"                           = "A User is already logged in";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_MUST_LOGOUT"                            = "Logout user first";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USER_AUTH"                              = "Missing user authentication paramters";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_REG_NORESP"                             = "Server failed to register user";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_REG_UNKNOWN"                            = "Server returned unexpected values";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USER_BADAUTH"                           = "Authentication failed";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_FAIL_AUTH"                              = "Faied to authentication user";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_UNREGISTERED"                           = "User is not registered and cannot be authorised";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_TOKEN"                              = "User Token error";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_TOKEN_BAD"                          = "User Token failed return or decode";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_CLASH"                              = "User clash";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_CLASH_SAME"                         = "User account with same email exists and might need merge";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_FEEDBACK"                           = "Failed to send feedback";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_USR_CANCEL"                             = "User canceled process";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_CANCEL"                         = "User canceled the measurement request process";

// Submit errors
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SUBMIT_URL"                             = "Submit endpoint URL not set";

// Capture view strings
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_INITIALIZING"                   = "Initializing ...";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_ORIENT_TITLE"                   = "Turn Phone\nUpright\n\n";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_FAILED"                         = "Camera capture failed";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_FAILED_INIT"                    = "Capture device failed to initialise";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_FAILED_DEVICE"                  = "Device hardware limitation";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_FAILED_IMAGE"                   = "Image capture failed";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_FAILED_IMG_SV"                  = "Failed to save image";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_FAILED_UPLOAD"                  = "Failed to upload all contents.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_FAILED_UPLOAD_INDEX_ERROR"      = "The contents at the index provided do not exist.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_PHOTOS_SAVE_FAILED"                     = "Failed to save all photos.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_PHOTO_SAVE_FAIL_DESC"                   = "Could not save files locally, please adjust your settings and try again. If this issue continues please contact support.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CAM_ENABLE_TITLE"               = "Enable Camera";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CAM_ENABLE_INFO"                = "\nTap the screen to enable your\ncamera. This is required to get your\nbody measurements.";
"MFZ_STR_CAPTURE_TAP_CAM_ENABLE"                             = "";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_ALIGN_RETAKE_TITLE"             = "Retaking Picture...\n";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_ALIGN_TITLE"                    = "Align Circles \n";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_ALIGN_INFO_1"                   = "Place phone upright so the front\ncamera points at your hips.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_ALIGN_INFO_2"                   = "Prepare for\nfront & side pictures.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_CAPTURE_MIS_ALIGN_TITLE"                = "The Phone Has\nBecome Misaligned";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_HELP_ALIGN_TITLE"                       = "Alignment Help";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_HELP_ALIGN_BODY"                        = "Find a table that is about half your\nheight. Using a mug or solid object,\nlean your phone against it so the\ncircles move over each other.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_HELP_ALIGN_ACK"                         = "OK";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CLOSE_TITLE"                    = "Do you wish to exit?";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CLOSE_BODY"                     = "If you exit, you will not be able to get\nyour body measurements.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_ERR_CD_RETRYING"                = "Retrying";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_RETAKE_TITLE"                   = "Are you sure?";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_RETAKE_BODY"                    = "You will lose your front and side\nimages.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_SUBMIT"                         = "Processing...";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_HELP_TITLE"             = "Confirmation Help";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_HELP_BODY"              = "If you are having trouble fitting\ninside the outline, make sure the\nfront camera is pointing at your hips.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_HELP_SUG"               = "If you are having trouble fitting in, try\nadjusting the phone height, so the\nfront camera is at hips height.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_HELP_OK"                = "Continue";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_YES_SIDE"               = "Confirm Side";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_PAUSED_BODY"                    = "Re-take will restart the entire capture process (remove all captures for the session) and start back at round #1. Continue will unpause.";

// Confirm
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_EXIT_BODY"              = "You will lose your front and\nside photos if you exit.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_FAILED_BODY"            = "We were unable to save the scan result. Please check you have Internet connection and try again.";

// Front confirm
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_LABEL_BODY_1_1"         = "I confirm that I am wearing ";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_LABEL_BODY_1_2"         = "form\nfitting clothing ";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_LABEL_BODY_1_3"         = "and my arms & legs\nare ";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_LABEL_BODY_1_4"         = "inside the outline";

// Side confirm
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_LABEL_BODY_2_1"         = "I confirm that my ";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_LABEL_BODY_2_2"         = "feet are together";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_LABEL_BODY_2_4"         = "down my side ";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CAPTURE_CONFIRM_LABEL_BODY_2_5"         = "and I am\ninside the outline.";

"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_STR_CONNECTING"                             = "Connecting";

// Practise mode
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_PRACTISE_COMPLETE_TITLE"                    = "Practise Scan Complete!";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_PRACTISE_COMPLETE_BODY"                     = "\nYou made it! Practise makes perfect.\n\nRemember, the better you have your\nphone height, the easier it is to\nposition yourself in the outline.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_PRACTISE_COMPLETE_EXIT"                     = "Exit";

// On-device specific errors
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_NO_REQUEST"                             = "Missing request instance.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_NO_RESULT"                              = "Missing scan result.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_ERR_SCAN_PERSIST_FAILED"                    = "Failed to persist new scan result.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_RESULT_FAILED_PROC_TITLE"                   = "Processing Failed";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_RESULT_FAILED_PROC_BODY"                    = "Sorry, an issue has occurred whilst processing and the scan result is not available. Please consider trying capture process again, or request support for help.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_RESULT_FAILED_PERSIST_TITLE"                = "Persist Failed";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_RESULT_FAILED_PERSIST_BODY"                 = "Sorry, an issue has occurred whilst processing. Please check your Internet connection and retry, or exit the process.";

// Download prompt
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_INIT_DOWNLOAD_TITLE"                        = "Download Required";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_INIT_DOWNLOAD_BODY"                         = "To continue, some resources, about %ldmb in size, need to be downloaded first.";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_INIT_HELP_TITLE"                            = "Initialization Help";
"MFZ_CAPTURE_SDK_INIT_HELP_BODY"                             = "Resources required for the capture process are being downloaded and will complete momentarily.";